Sabtu, 26 Juli 2014

The Future of Startup Business

Dave McClure is one of the founders and Chief Troublemaker partner at 500 Startups, the venture capital firm and accelerator internet company headquartered in Silicon Valley.

Pelontos headed man with glasses and come to headquarters two days ago. We did not want to waste the opportunity is there to interview him.

Dave also revealed the reason for choosing the name of 500 Startups. He said the name was chosen because they wanted to invest in many companies. Since its foundation in 2010 until now, they have invested in over 800 companies.

In Indonesia, there are about 3 companies that received funding (funding) of 500 Startups. But in the year ahead, Dave said it expects to finance the 5 to 10 company again. is one of the startups (startups) in Indonesia, which had capital of 500 Startups. Of course, there are certain requirements that must be met in order for a startup to get funding from 500 Startups.

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